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Repairs and Adjustments

Repairs and Adjustments

We also welcome repairs of koto produced by other makers. If you are in a hurry, leave the work to us.

We repair the bodies of various koto types. This includes both instruments produced by our company and those made by others. We draw on our years of experience as a manufacturer of fine instruments to meet your needs to the fullest extent possible. Delivery is normally within two weeks after we take receipt of your instrument. We can deliver rush orders in three days. If you are in a hurry and time is a concern, please contact us by telephone to arrange your order.


Wood putty/patching repairs

This is the most common issue that comes in for repair. The bridges on the koto have shifted or fallen, or there is damage to the instrument from when it was transported somewhere. We mix paulownia powder with glue to produce a putty that is applied to the dented areas and then heat treat it to finish it in a color to match the original wood. For larger dents and impacts, we recommend treating them by filling the gaps with paulownia patches. It is often the case that the same areas on the instrument are subject to wear and tear.


Surface refinishing

This is the second most common issue. After long years of use, the surface of the koto sustains countless scrapes and dings, losing its color. We refire the wood to bring it back to an even color and finish. This eliminates small nicks, and the larger ones we treat with wooden patches and putty. The appearance of your koto will be radically enhanced and you will find it easier to play.


Loose shirokuban

If the wooden piece that holds the joints through which the strings are passed comes loose, we remove it, readjust it, and reinstall it. We also take the time to restring the instrument. So clean is the finished look that you will think you have received a different instrument!


Ryubi repair

The coiled strings at the end of the instrument will flatten out over time. We reshape them and place a supporting piece of wood to ensure that they do not collapse again.

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